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The Trans Employment Program (TEEI) at the SF LGBT Center is a unique, collaborative program designed to help create inclusive workplaces and jobs for trans and gender non-conforming people. We operate in the SF Bay Area and have connections with partner programs in other cities.

Despite recent trans visibility, trans and GNC communities face staggering rates of discrimination, homelessness, underemployment, and unemployment. We believe that equality for trans and GNC people starts with economic and social justice.

Launched in 2007 as TEEI (Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative), the Trans Employment Program is the first city funded program to help transgender and GNC people get back to work and address the economic barriers facing the community. Since the program started, it has connected community members with thousands of jobs in diverse, equal, and rewarding workplaces. We changed our name in 2016 to better reflect what we do and what we offer.

The program provides a wide range of services including: job referrals and career coaching, navigating being out at work or transitioning on the job, resume review and managing references, hiring and community event, mentoring, and legal services.

Alic - Pediatric Oncology Nurse

Alic – Pediatric Oncology Nurse

Our Services

  • Career Coaching – Help you find your dream job!
  • Employer support – HR Trans Inclusion Training, and Policy Review
  • Job Search Support – Resumes, Interviews, Tips for Trans & GNC Job Seekers   
  • Workshops – Leadership Training, and Life Skills Classes
  • Legal Services – ID Document Support, and Transitioning on the Work
  • Networking – Professional Mentoring and Community Events
  • Referrals – Housing, Healthcare, and Local Resources
  • Jobs – Job Postings and Referrals to Employers

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The Center’s 2013 BOLD Award Ceremony, where it recognized HSA manager Tony Lugo and other city officials who have supported TEEI’s development. (Left to right: Bevan Dufty, Kate Howard, Tony Lugo, Cecilia Chung, Abby Snay, Clair Farley, Jasmine M.)

Our History

The Trans Employment Program (formerly known as the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative, and called TEEI for short), a program of the SF LGBT Community Center, helps transgender and gender non-conforming people in the San Francisco/ Bay Area  find and keep stable jobs in safe workplaces.

The Trans Employment Program (TEEI) was created in 2007 as a collaboration between the SF LGBT Center, the Transgender Law Center, and the City of San Francisco. It is the nation’s first city funded program to provide employment and economic development support for transgender and GNC people.

Since its beginning, the program has connected the community to thousands of jobs in the Bay Area and worked with hundreds of employers to create more inclusive workplaces.  

Today, the Trans Employment Program (TEEI) has provide technical assistance and shared our model with communities, organizations, and conferences throughout the country. TEEI continues to be focused on serving the Bay Area, while simultaneously being committed to supporting economic and social justice for transgender and GNC people throughout the country and internationally.

Frida – Health Outreach Worker

Let’s Get to Work!

Even in a progressive city like San Francisco, trans and GNC people face extreme discrimination when seeking or keeping a job.  The Trans Employment Program (TEEI) helps community members battle the discrimination that is faced every day by transforming workplaces and getting trans people back to work.

The lives and experiences of trans and GNC people can take many paths, but labor market access is a common problem. The poverty rate in the trans population is twice the state average, and is even higher among trans people of color. Despite passion, skills and drive to work; trans people are twice as likely to be unemployed, although are twice as likely to hold a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to the general population.  Trans & GNC people are often the first to get laid off and the last to get hired.

  • Trans people experience pervasive employment discrimination and workplace harassment.
  • Up to 47% of transgender people report being unfairly fired or denied employment, while 76% report workplace harassment.
  • Two-thirds of Californians who are transgender or GNC have experienced workplace harassment or discrimination based solely on their gender identity or expression.
  • Over 50% of trans people reported loss work or firing for reasons they either know or suspect to be related to their gender identity despite statewide workplace protections.

The Trans Employment Program is working towards economic stability and self-sufficiency for trans and GNC communities, in the form of secure employment, affordable and safe housing, accessibility to healthcare and benefits.  Economic stability is essential in allowing transgender and GNC people to live safe and authentic lives, free from fear and harassment.

We encourage allies, employers, and community partners to join our “Let’s Get to Work” campaign and take action to hire trans and GNC people. #HireTrans

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